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TBHC Collaboration Impact Council Planning Session

Thursday, Dec 16, 2021

10:00am – 11:00am

YOU are the Collaborative, so YOUR voice is needed.”

This is what we said when we invited TBHC members and connectors to the “Designing the Collaboration Impact Council” meeting in April 2020. Many answered the call. Each group collaborated in a co-working space to co-create goals, success measures and ways to celebrate when we reach our goals. Each council is mission-aligned and designed to have impact toward the realization of our vision.

Collaboration Impact Council High Level Summary:
Organize member collaborations to document what works for improving health equity.

Mission Element:

Foster collaboration among members to address health equity challenges together.


Currently, collaboration among members occur without recorded processes and results to duplicate successes with documented best practices. Because of this, TBHC aims to cultivate, document, and assess collaboration experiences among members to determine their impact on health equity in our community and document what works. Therefore, by July 2023 TBHC would have used best practices and lessons learned to demonstrate and document three years of impactful collaborations among members.

If you are ready to take action, and the mission and goal of the council resonates with you, then register to help drive the work today.

We look forward to your involvement in advancing health equity in Tampa Bay.

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