Membership is open to any organization, business or individual in the Tampa Bay area that has an interest in the mission and vision of the Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative (TBHC).  Interested parties should have views and practices that are in alignment with those of TBHC and our funding partners.  Active participation is vital and helps ensure our collaborative success.

TBHC strives to include all stakeholders in creating healthy communities.  We seek the input, feedback, and participation of others while working together toward common goals. We encourage government, business, concerned citizens, and others to contact us to explore areas of mutual interest and concern.

TBHC provides opportunities for individuals, professionals, consumers, and groups to work together to improve the availability and quality of  health and human services in the Tampa Bay region.  An involved and active membership will ensure the continued success of TBHC. We invite you to join us today and help us meet the challenges of our mission.

Become a Member

Become a Member

Membership Benefits


  • Learn about other programs and services in the Tampa Bay area
  • Identify potential partners to enhance service provision and/or delivery
  • Find other organizations addressing the same issues and serving a similar constituency

Capacity Building & Training

  • Receive capacity building information and resources on a variety of topics
  • Hear subject matter experts discuss current trends in health and healthcare
  • Obtain information about local training opportunities

Information and Resources

  • Get the latest news about upcoming events
  • Attain contact information for other members
  • Gain access to insightful presentations and information about funding opportunities
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