Reflections on Recovery

Reflections on Recovery

It is widely believed and often quoted that the Chinese character for the word crisis is composed of the characters for the words ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’.  While this is not actually the case, it does provide a motivational way of viewing a crisis.   At times like these, economic inequities become exasperated and challenges become more pronounced.


I’ll readily admit, I under-prepared for Hurricane Irma primarily because I had an out of town trip previously scheduled.  My airfare had been planned and purchased months earlier.  My flight was Friday afternoon before the storm.  A few friends suspected that I wouldn’t make it back on Monday so I packed a few extra things ‘just in case’.


If I were an employee who was paid hourly, if I didn’t have enough income to purchase a ticket beforehand (or even scarier after the ‘State of Emergency’ was declared), if I didn’t have the means to stay a few extra days, I would have had a much different experience.  My point is emergency/disaster preparedness including evacuation is an economic privilege.


We pray that you and your loved ones made it safely through the storm – physically, mentally and emotionally with little or no damage.  For some, the bounce back will be quick.  For others, it will take a while to get use to the ‘new’ normal.   My hope is that we learn valuable lessons from this experience, stay aware of the potential dangers and help others maximize the opportunities.  



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