How Do You Say It?

How Do You Say It?

Over the past several months, I’ve had an opportunity to learn about framing – a set of concepts and theoretical perspectives on how individuals, groups, and societies, organize, perceive, and communicate about reality.  The way I understand it, framing is a way of sharing your message so listeners ‘hear’ the intended meaning.  It involves understanding the social science of words and language and the theories and practices of communication.


Nonprofit Quarterly recently published an article declaring “Communications as the New Nonprofit Core Competency”.  I encourage you to take some time explore and learn more about framing.  Another great resource is the FrameWorks Institute who have tackled subjects such as oral health, climate change and mental health.


I recently had a chance to put some of my newly acquired skills into action.  I’ll let our event attendees decide how well it went over.

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