Heads Up! Pay attention. Stay ‘Woke’.

Heads Up! Pay attention. Stay ‘Woke’.

I have a confession – I get overwhelmed with Twitter.  The real-time stream of tweets, changing constantly is simply too much stimulation sometimes. Yet, even in my struggle, I am learning to embrace it.  I’m learning to control the chaos. I limit the amount of time I spend reviewing my timeline. I ensure I follow organizations and individuals who talk about things I’m interested in.


It sounds like a perfect solution until I realize, I am controlling ‘my news’. What valuable perspectives am I missing? What can I learn from those who think differently? How can I have the opportunity to consider the opinions of others?


I’ve always believed one of the best things to do is to surround yourself with people, places and things that you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with – it is through these experiences and situations that we grow. Side note, it is for this very reason that I also follow people and organizations that have different opinions and perspectives than I do.


Earlier this year, I was enthralled by Jesse William’s acceptance speech to receiving the 2016 BET Humanitarian Award. However I was disheartened by the vicious commentary showing up on social media written by those that disagreed with his comments.


Social media sometimes supports the ‘throw a rock and hide’ philosophy.  People tweet, post and share things they wouldn’t dare say to someone in person. I believe it’s perfectly appropriate to disagree with someone, to challenge someone’s view BUT I believe it is only effective when we do it respectfully.


As we face a shifting political landscape it is important to keep our ‘heads up‘ and pay attention to what is happening around us.  We must ‘stay woke‘ and recognize what has happened historically.  We cannot lose hope or become complacent.  The challenge for each of us is to figure out what to focus on.


At TBHC, we want to provide resources and tools to help you do just that.  I encourage you to mark your calendar and plan to attend the next Quarterly Meeting on February 2, 2017, entitled ‘Exploring the Changing Political Landscape’ for an opportunity to discuss legislative activity (to date) regarding the ACA and Medicaid – see additional details and register below. Additionally, read the recent blog post “How Healthcare Coverage Could Change under a Trump Administration” outlining what we might be able to expect to happen to health coverage.


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