From March to Movement

From March to Movement

I believe in divine timing. I believe somethings are “supposed to happen” and somethings are “meant to be”.

I also believe sometimes things happen when you least expect it.  I recently had a ‘right where I was suppose to be’ experience.


As timing would have it, I found myself in the nation’s capital the weekend of the Women’s March.   I’m not a fan of airports or the arrive two hours early policy (if you ever travel with me, be sure to wear your running shoes).  However given the expected number of travelers and the inclement weather I headed out earlier than usual (side note: I totally believe in TSA Pre-Check).


Airport security led me to a line which ended at a door to a train to the gate.  Timing being what it is, I was able to grab a seat on a fairly empty train.  As I waited the train filled up until we were politely asked to squeeze in to accommodate even more passengers.  With a willingness to be helpful, I squeezed in and even offer newfound space to another passenger.


This action gained the attention of the woman sitting next to me who said “you’re pretty excited for this early in the morning”.  I pleasantly explained “if you’re going to be up this early, you might as well enjoy it” – if you’ve ever seen me at a TBHC Quarterly Meeting you might imagine what she encountered.


She asked me if I had been in town for the March and shared her experience. She said the thing that was so heartwarming was that she had been a part of the Feminist Movement in the 1970’s and had seen it dwindle. The amazing part of this (present day) march was that it was like a new Movement was starting but it was so much more inclusive –  people of color and also men. This, she said, was the important difference – the inclusiveness.


I am reminded of a particularly influential professional experience, attending PolicyLink’s Equity Summit in October 2015 – specially a call to action and the sense of urgency to ‘maximize the moment’.  Equally inspiring was the Equity Manifesto that was presented and the powerful “Our Moment” video.


I know we can’t do this alone.  I believe we are stronger together.  I believe “many hands make light work” (African proverb).  I believe those who know better must do better and have a responsibility to teach those who don’t.  I believe the time has come for us to activate.


I believe these sentiments are echoed by the creators of the Women’s March Washington and the subsequent chapters that have been developing all over the country and by the developers of the Indivisible Guide. I believe now is the time. I encourage you to stay tuned in to the local, state-level and national news and then – get more involved!

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