Change, Really? or Change, Really!

Change, Really? or Change, Really!

There’s a saying attributed to Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, a French critic and journalist, that I am very fond of repeating, “the more things change, the more things stay the same”.


Times change, seasons change even people change; but we are creatures of habit. We tend to favor routine and consistency. For sure change can be scary and/or uncomfortable. But perhaps we can focus on the opportunity for something different, and the excitement of a new experience – learning and growing.


The good news, is that this not the place where I admonish you to reconsider your resolutions or review your goals for the year. Instead, I believe this is an ideal time to recognize what you have already accomplished.  The TBHC team recently paused to reflect on the work achieved in collaboration with you – our members and partners during 2016.  Stay tuned for our upcoming 2016 Annual Report.


Collectively we have decreased the uninsured rate to an all-time low. Other noteworthy public health and health care successes have also been ascribed to the Obama administration over the past eight years.  Yet, there is still work to do.   We cannot become disheartened or disenchanted.  Rather, we must continue to ‘do the work’.


For sure, this next season, like those before it will have its challenges. But, here’s what I know, we have overcome challenges before and the same fortitude that led to victory in those situations still resides in each of us and will propel us to future success.  We already know the battle to keep our current gains has been waged as Senate Republicans voted 51 to 48 in approval of a budget resolution to begin repealing the Affordable Care Act during a “vote-a-rama.”  Similarly, House Republicans voted 227-198 to do the same.  It is critical that we continue to reach out to our legislators and share our desire to ‘Protect Our Care’.


I encourage you to embrace the unknown and enjoy the unexpected. While the times ahead may be uncertain, one thing you can count on is that the Collaborative will continue to help you ‘do what you do better’.  Join us for our upcoming Quarterly Meeting on February 2nd to as we ‘Explore the Changing Political Landscape’ and share the latest updates.

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